I have been on the radio and DJ’ed parties for most of my adult life. I am currently a regular DJ at the Outer Limits Lounge in Hamtramck, MI, for DENIM. For the past years, I have been involved in a special station, WRFI Ithaca Community Radio as a DJ on “The Humming Wires” (Archived…


I believe in and care about¬†independently published zines and fanzines and have been contributing to them for¬†many years. Here are some recent highlights: Maximum RocknRoll, contributor and occasional “shitworker” for this classic punk zine coordinated by Grace Ambrose. Including a Guide to Cybersecurity for the Impending Trump Presidency with Talya Cooper. 0002 ODNOM, contributor to…

DIY Shows

For many years I have booked and hosted punk and DIY shows, largely in basements, warehouses, galleries and small all-ages venues. In the past I have also been involved in large-scale music event planning through various Rutgers University programs including as chair of the Rutgers College Program Council for Music and through Concerts East in…


I worked for many years in industry designing and implementing administrative and content management systems for editorial web purposes using Django/Python and Java in a Linux environment with Javscript/jQuery/Ajax, HTML, CSS, Apache and MySQL.

Feminist Technoscience Tarot

Collectively designed tarot deck inspired by feminist technoscience, includes reinterpretations of classic Ryder-Waite, re-imagining the multiplicity of identity and relation with emphasis on ecology, maintenance and repair, and care. Forthcoming. For more information or to become involved, contact me.