#platformpolitics: Social Controversies, Rules in Action, and Governance of Web 2.0

#platformpolitics:  Social Controversies, Rules in Action, and Governance of Web 2.0

Ingrid Erickson, Amanda Menking, Stephanie B. Steinhardt

(in preparation)

We enter a period of reflection on the first decade of Web 2.0 social networking technologies where we can aver a rise in ubiquity, impact, and inclusion. We see evolutionary shifts that reflect both the best and worst aspects of social order and social disorder, yet at the same time we also note the rise in the number of women and other minorities in positions of leadership and, assumedly, decision making. The juxtaposition of these two facts leads us to question why social media, now a decade or more into its existence, still appears to hold fast to problematic ways of dealing with diversity and inclusion. We look to a set of popular Web 2.0 technologies–WIkipedia, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit–to better understand why these inequities are in place.